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Epic Lameness

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SF.net now supports OpenID. Hooray! I'd like to make a comment on a thread about the RTL8187se chip I've got in my new MSI Wind. So I go to sign in with OpenID and instead of signing me in it prompts me to create an account with a name, username and password for the account. Huh? I just want to post to their forum, I don't want to create an account (at least not explicitly, if they want to do it behind the scenes fine). Isn't the point of OpenID to not have to create accounts and particularly not have to create new usernames and passwords to access websites? I'm not impressed.
  • Sorry to pimp my own project, but go to hampr.com, put in your OpenID, and you have an account. That's it.

    Most OpenID implementations I've seen out there are really horrible. Even LiveJournal, who invented the damn thing, doesn't let you associate a new external OpenID with your existing account.
  • Hoping to make a contribution

    Hi - I am definitely happy to discover this. Good job!
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