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apparently I'm a dinosaur

Finally something fun to vote for

the dinosaur


Finally something fun to vote for

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With all the GR fever going on right now, I thought I would join the fray. I've upgraded to a paid LJ account so I could post a poll. So I've picked what I think are the best suggestions for Firefox's new name from my previous blog entry. Please pick your favorite:

What should Firefox's new name be?


Vote early, vote often!

Note: I reserve the right to pass the results through my Diebold voting machine to "correct" the outcome if necessary.
  • Freefox is an excellent name. It highlights the non-free nature of Mozilla's trademark policy.
  • firekitten. firekitten. firekitten.
  • (Anonymous)
    Firesucks would be my favoutiry one, but it is not in the given list ;-)
  • please add another option

    Hi Eric,

    I'd rather keep the existing name and don't confuse end-users too much. So another option mentioned already was: keep the name, but move it to unstable.

    You'd have my vote for that one, even if it results in more people actually *using* the unstable repositories...

    kind regards,
    wjl aka Wolfgang Lonien
  • Damn it!

    I want concordet voting so I can put a complete order on the options. I voted for Freefox as that's top of the list, but I'd go for:

    1) Freefox
    2) Iceweasel
    3) Firesocks
    4) Spitfire
    5) Firekitten
    6) Plasmafox
    7) Firebrand
    8) Waterwolf
  • livejournal sucks

    My vote's on Freefox. I can't participate in the poll because you need an account apparently. I can't believe you pay for such crap. :)

    • Re: livejournal sucks

      Yeah I relized after I had plunked down my $20 that you need an account to vote. That's pretty lame, but does prevent cheating :)
  • Freefox FTW

    I am the best at picking names.

    - Chris
  • Crazy-ass symbol

    How about a crazy symbol that nobody can pronounce, and call it 'The browser formerly known as Firefox'. Worked for that other crazy guy when he didn't own his own name.
  • How about something a little more clever...

    I think the name should be FireFaux
  • Iceweasel is good because i) it's a good pun ii) they can't claim it's too close to their name.
  • Mosaic.
  • Linux trademark?

    How does Linux actually defend its trademark? I mean, every distro and their little brother have different patch sets for Linux, and yet they can all call it linux.

  • Swiftfox

    What about replacing Firefox altogether with Swiftfox (http://getswiftfox.com/)? It's a build of firefox "optimised for Linux" with a new logo, and it even already has .debs (might be an idea to check with the maintainer about the logo license, though).
  • hobart jenkins jr

    • haha

      im sorry i thought i was supposed to fill in my name there
      my suggestion is firetux and not hobart jenkins jr!!!!
  • (Anonymous)
    Can we call it UNF? That's an acroynm for UNF's not Firefox.
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