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apparently I'm a dinosaur

Iceweasel released from its cage

the dinosaur


Iceweasel released from its cage

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Iceweasel has hit incoming after spending only 90 minutes in the NEW queue (I think one of the ftp-masters must have a crush on me). Please test, test, test, especially upgrades from sarge. There are still a few branding issues to sort out, but I'll try to get them fixed over the next couple of days. Should we go with one of these icons? I particularly like the weasel humping the globe.
  • icons

    i like the humper too. use that one
  • The upgrade from Bon Echo beta 2 (in experimental) to iceweasel went fine on my sid system.

    The tabs I had open in my previous bon echo session even opened in iceweasel.
  • Everyone loves the humping one!

    And I shall be testing as soon as the powerpc autobuilder gets around to it.
  • iceweasel icon

    The humping iceweasel is awesome, full ack, but maybe we can see the first one on the page (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IceWeaselIcon) (IYY's) or ericesque's version as standard icon, these are my favourite icons...
  • (Anonymous)
    I like the ones of IYY and ericesque more.
    They are less childish. :)
  • (Anonymous)
    Ubuntu community has done nice work. I would pick the first one on the ubuntu page.
  • I just upgraded from firefox2 from experimental, it's working fine so far, thanks.
    Is there any plan to rename the user $HOME/.mozilla/firefox into iceweasel ?
  • Would the humper be another hotbabe?

    Personally, I prefer the ericesque style, or maybe the totally different Unicko one.
  • unicko icons

    IMO, we should consider to use unickos icons. They are decent (enough) and unicko has made promissing icons for IceApe and IceDove too.

    Take a look at http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/2244/iceape01ox9.png, http://img307.imageshack.us/img307/9610/icedovedn7.png

  • (no subject) - fo0bar
  • Icon

    Humping weasel icon is the best. Go for it! It's a pity it's not a part of a harmonised suite of icons.
    • Re: Icon

      Humping weasel icon is the best. Go for it!
      Is it also possible to add Iceweasel as an option when running:
      update-alternatives --config gnome-www-browser
      update-alternatives --config x-www-browser
  • (Anonymous)
    My favorite icon is ericesque's original icon, the weasel with a non-Tangoish globe.

    Ariszló (http://ariszlo.tripod.com/)
  • *Not* the humper. It's quite fun, but just too juvenile for the official package. Go with the first one on the linked page.
  • jcdubacq

    I prefer the ericesque version of the icons. The humping one is a joke, but I also do serious work with firef^Wiceweasel these days. It is a bit too explicit to install in my lab!

    Would you also care to use K. Mandla's icon for icedove?
  • humper!!

    Absolutely have to go with the humper (not the animated one).
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